What's Up

We Are Published!

So excited to announce that we've been picked up...more

Blue Moon Plays is a publisher of play scripts and musicals. They publish scripts under the imprints Havescripts,  Blue Moon Plays and Scriptworks Press. 

The Havescripts imprint was established in 2003,  Blue Moon Plays in 2014 and Scriptworks Press in 2016. They merged in 2018.

You can find People R Ready - The Musical on their website here.

Find the paperback version on Amazon

Rewrites: Practice Makes Perfect

After the Fringe Festival, we learned a lot...more

Table reads are an important part of the process, but nothing beats an actual live performance to truly understand how dialogue, music, and movement all come together on the stage. After the festival, we spent another month making a good thing better. Polished and ready for your production, the final draft is available now. 

Live at the Fringe Festival

It's showtime! Come and see the show...more

What a great opportunity to workshop the play on a live stage. Premiering at the Rarig Center Thrust theater in Minneapolis as part of the Minnesota Fringe Festival, People R Ready - The Musical will run for five nights. The cast and crew has worked tirelessly in the short amount of time allowed. The Fringe has strict time limits to accommodate their packed schedule, so this will be an abridged version with slightly over half the songs and a 50 minute runtime. But the fun will last much longer! Get your tickets now, on sale here.

Catch a Sneak Peek

Come see the brand new cast and crew...more

It's time for us to get ready for the Fringe Festival! People R Ready - The Musical is gearing up for its August 2nd Showcase at the Country Inn & Suites in Mankato. Doors open at 6pm and the show starts at 7pm. Get ready for a fun-filled evening of dancing, singing, and music. What's not to like? Have a quick look at the rehearsals.

We Won the Lottery!

The Minnesota Fringe lottery. What's that...more

The Minnesota Fringe Festival is the largest performing arts festival in the Midwest, filling tens-of-thousands of seats with audiences viewing dozens of works at hundreds of performances by more than 1,000 artists on a variety of stages in late summer. And now People R Ready-The Musical will be there. Fringe Festival artists are selected by random luck of the draw through a lottery process. As winner, we'll be given 50 minutes to showcase our musical play. Stay tuned for more info on show times and dates.

From Music to Musical

The Straw Rockets are turning their album...more

After multiple years in the recording studio, Minnesota based band The Straw Rockets are turning their talents to another type of stage. Their next project will be a musical play based on their album "Steppin’ into the Street.” They plan to rework some existing tunes and pen some new hits to support the play. They've also started a nationwide search for a playwright to author the story based on their music.